<<This Item Does Not Qualify For Free Shipping>>
Pricing reflects our costs, which include shipping to our facility in the US ($45-100 each), US Customs (5+%), and Payment Processing Fees (2%).
We are currently out of stock, but are expecting Printers and Kits in September
Locally Assembled Prusa Printers: Built and tested by a local middle school here in Oregon (part of the purchase is tax deductible), still backed by Prusa support with added bonus of posible local repair (depending on the issue and the bandwidth of the school).  The sale of these printers helps the school purchase more kits for the next class to build and test.
Original Prusa Printers
We are offering Prusa Printers in an effort to become a Reseller and get better pricing (prusa currently has no US resellers, and we have been able to get a (very)small discount by ordering printers in bulk). These printers are not currently in stock (except as listed above), and delivery times are currently 6-8 weeks out.  We will notify you when your printers have been shipped from Prusa.  These printers do not qualify for free shipping, and local pickup is encouraged.
If we are able to get reseller pricing on your printer, then we will issue partial refunds or include additional Filament with your order.
This listing is for MK3S printers

Kit - Expected Delivery - 2-4 Weeks
Local Assembly - Expected Delivery - 3 Weeks
Printers assembled by a local school, includes same warranty as Factory Assembly but you're helping out a local STEM program, and part of the pruchase is Tax Deductible
Local Assembly w MMU - Expected Delivery - 5+ Weeks
Same as above, but with an MMU Kit already installed and tested on the machine.  Installation can take up to an extra week, and testing and callibration can take 2-3 weeks. The MMU carries special challenges and is not recommended for beginners.
Factory Assembly - Expected Delivery - 4-6 Weeks
Factory assembled by Prusa

Genuine Prusa Printers


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