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About A3D Store


A 3D Store is operated by A3D Technologies, a 3D Printer design and manufacturing company.  


While A3D Technologies was in prototyping we carried a lot of inventory on hand for our prototypes and started getting requests from the local community to purchase parts from us.  At first local makers had to contact us to see if we had an item in stock, and then arrange to pick it up from our shop or an event.  


Eventually we set up a 3D store, and A3DStore was born.  The purpose of the store is two-fold, A) Provide easy access to our inventory for our customers, and B) To increase demand so that we can get even better pricing from our Vendors, which we then pass on to all of our customers.

A3D Store provides affordable access to quality 3D Printer parts and accessories to our local community in the Portland area. 

We are currently the only US Reseller of Prusa products, allowing schools and non-profits to navigate around the restrictions of not being able to purchase from foreign companies.


How do I return an item?
What is your return policy?

Returned items must have a valid RMA in order to receive a refund or exchange. Returns/exchanges are up to management approval, and the customer may be responsible for shipping one or both ways, depending on the item and issue.  

Unopened and undamaged items may be returned within 15 days of receipt with a 15% restocking fee

Opened items are not returnable, unless it is the wrong item or the item arrives damaged or with a manufacturer defect.  

Contact Us to make an RMA request. 

Do you have a storefront I can visit?

We do not have a storefront at this time, we do offer local pickup of your order in North Portland.

We will E-mail you when pickup orders are ready, to arraneg for contactless pickup at your convenience. Most orders are ready for pickup within 24-48 hours.  

Pickup/Store Address: As we do not have a retail location at this time, and do not want people dropping in unannounced or before their orders are ready, we do not list our address anywhere.  You will receive a notification with pickup instructions including address once your order is ready.

Rush Orders: If you need your items right away, you can always Contact Us to see if we can expedite pickup.  We generally respond to E-mails in a matter of hours, but may take longer.

Can I Pay With Cash/Check/Cryptocurrency?

Please Contact Us if you are interested in paying with Cash, Check, or Cyrpto.


Cash: We do accept cash for most orders, please select "Manual Payment" at checkout and Contact Us to arrange pickup and payment.


Check: We generally only accept checks from business customers, and require a PO, or waiting until the funds clear before picking or shipping orders.

Crypto: So far the systems we've looked at convert crypto to fiat, pretty much defeating the point. So, if you would like to pay with a token we accept (over 40 at the time of writing this), we'll send you an address for that token and the amount due (due to the volatility of crypto prices and the varying fees, we use a floating average price, which adjusts with the volatility or stability of the individual token).

Do you provide International delivery?


Currently our focus is our local community, but we do ship worldwide through USPS, UPS, and FedEx.  International orders do not qualify for free shipping. Please Contact Us for a shipping quote.

About A3D Technologies

A3D Technologies is a 3D Printer design and manufacturing firm focusing on high end large format 3D Printers for professionals and academia.  


Our printers start at a 1 cubic meter build volume, and go up from there, and are currently only available for Beta testing in Oregon, Washington, and California. Please visit our website for more information.

We shut down our manufacturing operations shortly before COVID, but still offer consulting and contract services.

Kitsa Cat says, "I still think we need a bigger boat"

What is your pricing model?

We typically try to match the original vendor or Amazon Prime pricing as best we can.  We fix our prices at a set amount, so some days we may not be the cheapest option, but generally we will be cheaper. We do this so the price you get something for today is the same price you will get it for tomorrow, and likely to get it for in 6 months.  We do typically adjust our prices when the manufacturers adjust their prices, or if there's a price that is seen as the standard price.

Bulk Order Discounts: We do offer bulk discounts on some items, please Contact Us to inquire about your particular order.

Sales/Coupons: Most of the products we sell (namely E3D and Prusa) have little to no margin, and as such we do not do blanket sitewide sales.  We do sometimes send out coupons for specific items, groups of items, or bundles. We will also sometimes hold an inventory reduction sale at the end of the year, where we offer sale pricing on certain items that have been on the shelves a while.

How do I track my order?


We will notify you through e-mail when your order is placed, and again when it has shipped. Most shipments are tracked and you should receive a tracking number once the order has left our facility.

Feel free to Contact Us if you do not receive a tracking number.


Do you offer any warranties of your own?


Customer Satisfaction is our primary concern, and as such we carefully vet each of the products we sell.  While we don't provide our own warranties per se, We do stand behind our products and will do our best to remedy any issues you may experience. 

Items with manufacturer's warranties: If you experience an issue with an item that came with a manufacturer's warranty, please contact the manufacturer.  If the item arrived damaged or inoperable, please contact us within 15 days.

Items without manufacturer's warranties: If you experience an issue outside of normal wear and tear or operator error, please contact us.  Not only will we likely replace the item, but it helps us to  hold our suppliers accountable and ensure that we're getting the quality parts we expect.



What if an item is Back-Ordered/Out of Stock?


We will let you know if an item you ordered is Out of Stock and not expected to be in stock right away.  Some Out of Stock items can be special ordered, but often at an additional cost, or we can include your items in the next order we place with that vendor. You may always request a refund if it takes too long to receive your item.


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