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Push Plastic Filaments

Push Plastic is manufactured in Arkansas, USA and many would argue it's a higher quality filament than Hatchbox.  


ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) 3D printer filament

1kg, 3kg, and 10kg spools



The second most common 3D printing filament, the benefits of ABS include:

  • Higher strength and flexibility compared to PLA
  • Higher temperature resistance over PLA
  • Ease of printing with heated bed
  • Machinability allows for end-use parts 

Recommended print settings:
Hotend - 230-240 degrees C
Bed - 110 degrees C  
Bed Treatment - Kapton tape with acetone/ABS slurry or PEI sheet 


Made in the USA with 100% virgin materials. Meets quality standard of +/- .05mm in diameter and .03mm in roundess. Net Weight 1kg


 Data sheet for ABS

All filament is wound onto standard black reel, shrink wrapped with desiccant, and vacuum sealed in a 4mil bag. 

Push Plastic Premium ABS Filament

  • We currently have limited stock on hand as we work to build up our inventory.  If we do not have your items in stock, they will be shipped to you directly from Push Plastic.

  • Last summer, after being an Authorized Hatchbox Reseller for over a year, we tried to place a large order with Hatchbox.  It took several days for Hatchbox to verify Inventory (They have no inventory system in place, they literally go out to the warehouse and look around to see what they have). When they finally did verify their inventory, they sent us a new reseller agreement, that was 14 pages of paranoia.


    This agrement contained clauses that would prevent us from ever selling any other filament, or doing business with anyone in the filament industry what so ever (which would mean most 3D Printer manufacturers, and our good friends at Proto-Pasta), or doing any of our own branding.  We tried to work with Hatchbox on this, but they were only willing to make one revision, and it wasn't much of an improvment. They refused to sell us any more filament until we signed this agreement, which we could not do in good faith.


    So we are now offering Push Plastic filament, which is extruded in the US and is widely considered to be higher quality than Hatchbox.  While it is a little more expensive, we hope that everyone will be happy with the change.

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