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We're slowly working on adding all of the Creality Parts and Accessories we currently have in stock, so please bear with us as we add more details and photos to these listings.


Here's a quick list of items we have in stock that do not have their own pages yet.  Feel free to Contact Us to request any of these items:

Large Enclosure - 700*750*900mm - $90

Small Enclosure - 480*600*720mm - $80

BL Touch Kit - $45

Metal Extruder Kit (Red) - $12

Extruder Gear (Brass) - $4

Extruder Throat Pipe - $4

PTFE Compression Joint - $1

Filament Runout Sensor - $10 (All Models)

Nozzle Heater - 12v 40w - 

Nozzle Heater - 24v 40w - 

Bed Heater Relay - 12v - 

Fans - $5 (12v & 24v, Axial & Blower, Sizes: 4010, 4020, 5010, 5015)

Magnetic Bed - $12 (Ender-3, Ender-3 Pro, Ender-3 v2, Ender-5, Ender-5 Pro, CR-10, CR-10S, CR-10 v2, CR-X)

Nozzle (Hotend) Kits - $15 (Ender-3 Series, Ender-5 Series, CR-10 Series)

Nozzle Thermistor - $4 (All models)

Heat Bed Thermistor - $2 (All models)

Silicone Heat Block Sock - $1

T-Nut - $0.20 (M4 & M5)

Eccentric Nut - $1

V-Wheel - $2

GT2 Belt 6mm - $2/meter

GT2 Belt 10mm - $3/meter


We also have a limited supply of:

Silent Motherboard (Ender-3 Series, Ender-5 Series, CR-10 Series)

Glass, Carbon Crystal, and BuildTak Beds (Ender-3 Series, Ender-5, Ender-5 Pro, CR-10 v2)

Bed & Extruder Springs

Nozzle Heater Blocks

Nozzle Cooling Blocks (Heatsinks)

Stepper Motors

Resin Printer Plates, Vats, PET Films, and Filters

Creality - Parts

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