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At the moment we are only allowing local pickup of resins, unless purchased with a printer.


Elegoo ABS-Like resin is a strong resin for LCD resin printers. We have used this resin with excellent results in Elegoo Mars, Creality LD-002R, and Creality LD-002H printers. 500g and 1000g come sealed in original bottles, 250g "samples" come in sample bottles.


We only have a few of these in stock at a time, as they have a 1-2 year shelf life, but as demand increases we will start carrying more.


Looking for a discount? 

Resin has a very short shelf life(some bottles use by dates are less than 1 year after we receive them), so if you go through it quickly, check if we have any "Low-Life" in stock to get a discount on resin that is expiring soon.


Note on expired resins:

Expired resins seem to work fine on older printers, but not so well on the newer monochrome printers, as expired resins seem to take longer exposure times.  We have used expired resins to fill parts that are printed hollow, as they still seem to cure fine when run through a curing station or left in the sun.

Elegoo ABS-Like resin

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