Prusa Items Do Not Qualify For Free Shipping

Due to limits of our e-commerce solution, there's no way to set some items as free shipping and others as not.

Unless you are adding these to an order that already qualifies for free shipping or includes a shipping option, please add a shipping option to your order if needing these shipped(only need to add one shipping option per order, not per item).

Small Shipping - For orders that do not contain MK3S print beds

Large Shipping - For orders that DO contain MK3S print beds


If you're an Educational Institution or Non-Profit that can't order direct from Prusa, inquire for special pricing.


All Prusa parts are genuine Prusa3D or E3D-Online, ordered direct from the manufacturers.  

We are an authorized E3D Reseller, and the only Prusa Reseller in the USA as far as we know.


Current Inventory: As of January 2021

Prusa Mini Bed - Smooth: In Stock

Prusa Mini Bed - Textured: In Stock

Prusa MK3S Bed - Smooth: Few In Stock

Prusa MK3S Bed - Textured: In Stock

Prusa Thermistor - Nozzle: In Stock

Prusa Thermistor - Bed: In Stock

Prusa Nozzle Heater: In Stock

Prusa Heat Break: In Stock

Prusa MK3S Complete Hotend: In Stock


Prusa Mini Complete Hotend: Out of Stock

Prusa 3D Printed Parts: Out of Stock


Genuine Prusa Parts