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Recycled! Compare to Black PLA

We current have only 1kg spools of 1.75mm Black in stock, please let us know if you would like other colors or sizes, and we will add some to our next order if they are available.


Since 2013, Protopasta has valued quality, reliability, and creativity. We seek to reduce waste in our production and build relationships in our community.


We’ve taken many steps over the years to ensure our commitment to these values. The next phase of this commitment is finally here: Recycled PLA! We’ve collected our high-quality waste stream and turned it into high-quality recycled filament. 

  • An original, one-of-a-kind Protopasta Recycled PLA filament
  • Made from our very own rescued waste stream
  • Compare to Black PLA, but with some sparkles based on waste stream
  • Fully compounded to ensure consistency throughout a batch
  • Designed & produced by Protoplant exclusively for you "

Proto-Pasta Recycled HTPLA

  • We currently have limited stock on hand as we work to build up our inventory.  We will notify you if your items are not in stock.  Generally backordered items ship within 5-10 business days depending on our replenishment schedule. 

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