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Shipping Iinfo:

Prusa products do not qualify for free shipping.  They can usually ship with an order that already qualifies for free shipping, but we may need to charge additional shipping depending on the destination.  


Prusa Prusament Filaments

Prusa needs no introduction, manufactured in the Czech Republic by one of the original names in 3D Printing, Prusa's Prusament is one of the best filaments out there, and comes in some very cool colors.  


PLA (Polylactic Acid) 3D printer filament 

The most commonly used 3D printing media, the benefits of PLA include:

  • Affordable

  • Low melt temp makes easy to print with

  • Heated bed not required

  • Large color selection

Recommended Print Settings:
Hotend temp - 190-220 C 
Bed temp- 0-60 C


PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) 3D printer filament 

Becoming the 2nd most commonly used 3D printing media, the benefits of PETG include:

  • High temperature resistance

  • Easy to print with Low shrinking and warping

  • Strength and Durability

  • Simple to sand

Recommended Print Settings:
Hotend temp - 230-250 C 
Bed temp- 50-90 C


ASA, PC, and PVB details coming soon.

Prusament Filament

  • We currently have limited stock on hand as we work to build up our inventory.  If we do not have your items in stock, they will be shipped to you directly from Push Plastic.

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