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We're slowly working on adding all of the Creality Parts and Accessories we currently have in stock, so please bear with us as we add more details and photos to these listings.  Feel free to reach out to if you don't see what you're looking for.


Capricorn Teflon Tube - 1m  $9.00

(Blue) PTFE Resin Imported from Japan
Consistent Inner Diameter
Heat Resistant to 260℃
High Lubrication Low Friction Coefficient


We get our Capricorn tubing from Creality, who are an authorized distributor for Capricorn. 

As such we only carry 1.75mm at this time.


1.75 Standard PTFE Tubing - 1m  $4.00

(White) PTFE Resin

Creality's PTFE tube standard

Better than several other PFTEs we've tried

Appears to err slightly on the larger side (better than being too small)


Creality Standard PTFE Tubing comes in 1.75mm only


3.00 Standard PTFE Tubing - 1m  $5.00

(White) PTFE Resin

We do carry 3mm PTFE, but do not have a single source at this time.


PTFE Cutter $4

If making your own lengths of PTFE tube, these cutters are a must.  While a razor blade can do the job, these cutters ensure a nice clean, flat cut, with little effort.

PTFE Tubing