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Push Plastic Transtion Filament

Push Plastic is manufactured in Arkansas, USA and many would argue it's a higher quality filament than most brands.


This listing is for transition spools, which is the result of changing from one color to another.  Every spool is a unique blend of 2 or more colors, resulting in truly unique prints.  Up until recently this material was not available for sale, but since we were able to get some in 2020, it has become one of our best sellers.  As this is part of the manufacturing process, there is a limited supply, and we are not able to get any specific colors.


We have broken out translucent and opaque, for those that have a preference.  This is based on what we can see on the outside, we are not able to guarantee that the spool is translucent or opaque all the way through.


At the moment we are only carrying 1.75mm PLA and PETG, however, we may be able to get other sizes and materials.

Push Plastic Transition Spools

$29.00 Regular Price
$22.00Sale Price
  • We currently have limited stock on hand as we work to build up our inventory, the more of these overstock items we sell, the more new inventory we can bring in.

    If our calaculations are wrong, and we do not have your items in stock, we will notify you with options to change or cancel your order.

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