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Portland's Local 3D Printing Destination

We Help Makers Make

Filament: ABS, ASA, CF, Metal, PETG, PLA, Wood

Components: Nema17s, Controller Boards, Heated Beds, Stepper Drivers, Extruders, Hotends, Nozzles, Power Supplies

Hardware: Metric Everything!  Screws, Nuts, Washers, Spacers, Standoffs, Leadscrews, Linear Rail, Rods

3D Printers: Custom A3D, Prusa, Creality

A3D Store is Portland's local source for all things 3D Printing
We offer quality products at affordable prices to the Maker community

We are now a Creality Reseller!  We're working on building up our inventory and expect to be receiving more printers each month.

We're also starting to carry spare parts, Contact Us for pricing and availability on all your Creality needs


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